Detoxing shows your body some love. It's like saying, "hey body, take a few days off to recharge". So how do we detox? Our Reboot program of course! Clean your body, lose weight & feel great with our better-than-ever detox REBOOT Program!

FULL KIT ~ $275


Address ailments, cleanse and strengthen your liver, optimize your eating, & reboot your system! Our Reboot Program is personalized for each individual & includes:

• 2 nourishing super smoothies
• 7 freshjuices formulated with superherbs to address ailments
• Our own live probioticveggies
• Reconstructive bluemajik bacteria @e3live
• Protocol to follow
• Full support from our friendly staff
• FREE 15ml doterra Lemon rind essentialoil

Every body is different. Each person's Reboot program is personalized to your needs, issues and metabolism. We’re confident that our new Reboot Program will help you reach your optimum health & potential so you can live a healthier longer life!

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