tue Jan 29, Tuesday feb 25 ~ $40

Fermentation is the process used to create our delicious, probiotic & enzyme-rich Probiotic Veggies. Do you want to learn how to create your own healthful blends of probiotic fruits & veggies?

Join us from 6:30 - 8 for this unique experience with our hands-on Fermenting Workshop.

 Steve Sanna of FARMACIA health bar will cover:

  • All about the many benefits of food source probiotics

  • How to select, combine and ferment fresh fruits and vegetables to create delicious, gut-healthy, probiotic & enzyme-rich combinations

Tickets are $40, including your own jar of probiotics, hands-on experience, advice, samples, recipe ideas, prizes & demos. Call us at (647)341-3276 or email info@farmaciahealthbar.com to reserve your ticket(s).