Tuesday Jan 22, Tues feb 19, ~ $40

Smoothies are a wonderful tool for any health-conscious foodie, and an integral part of living a healthier, longer life. They can be customized in any number of ways to address your health needs & goals, as well as personal taste. Are you getting the most out of your smoothie? 
Join us from 7:30 pm to 9 pm for a Smoothie Making Workshop with Steve Sanna from FARMACIA and learn:
> How to create a balanced, great-tasting and power-packed blend
> About the Three Sacred Food Groups and how to incorporate them into your life
> How to maximize your mineral intake
> How to use smoothies to stabilize your metabolism
>All about personalizing, choosing ingredients and superfoods to create a smoothie that works best for you!
Tickets are $40, including info, samples, recipes & demos to help you get the most out of your daily drink. Call us at (647)341-3276 or email info@farmaciahealthbar.com to reserve your ticket(s). You'll be a blender pro in no time!