Forest foraging

Forest foraging

2018 season -  Jun 22-24, July 27-23, Aug 24-26, Sep 14-16 ~ $480

Join us on a 3 day adventure into the wilderness of Algonquin Provincial Park,

ONTARIO land of sparkling lakes - they make up one-third of the world's fresh water. The final frontier. Where the rugged landscapes, and over 250,000 lakes are matched against knowledge and minimal equipment providing the ultimate Canadian expedition. All this, factored together with an abundance of wildlife and you have an adventure never to be forgotten."

We are committed to providing you with a safe and enjoyable wilderness camping adventure into the wild forests of Ontario. Our objective is to offer the ultimate wildlife experience into astonishing parts of the wilderness while returning to everyday life relaxed and stress free. Our love for adventure, spirit of discovery, hospitality and strong commitment to providing each visitor with an experience of a lifetime in the wilderness for 25 years is what makes us different

This 3 day camping excursion is $580 and includes everything you'll need: return transportation from Toronto, full meals, permits, canoes & all equipment (bug nets, air bed, lantern and more). Book soon as spaces are limited! Secure your spot with a $100 non-refundable deposit, call 647.341.3276


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Jun, Kefir & KOMBUCHA Workshop

Jun, Kefir & KOMBUCHA Workshop

Wed Jun 13, Wed Jul 18, Tues aug 14, Wed Sep 19, Wed oct 17, tue nov 20 ~ $45

Your health and longevity depends upon the healthy of your whole body, including your gut. Fermented foods & drinks are an effective and delicious way to keep your digestive system in optimal health. Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own probiotic-rich kombucha, kefir & jun?

Join us from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm for our Kombucha, Kefir & Jun Workshop with Steve Sanna from FARMACIA and learn:

  • All about the process of fermentation necessary to create kombucha, kefir and jun
  • What a SCOBY is and how it's cared for and used
  • How to create your own great tasting, healthy probiotic foods that increase your health and longevity!

Tickets are $45 and  includes your very own choice of Jun SCOBY, Kombucha SCOBY or Kefir GRAINS to take home, samples, recipes & demos. Call us at (647) 341-3276 or email to reserve your ticket(s).

Fabulous Fermenting Workshop

Fabulous Fermenting Workshop

tue jul 10, Tue sep 11, wed nov 7 ~ $45

Fermentation is the process used to create our delicious, probiotic & enzyme-rich Probiotic Veggies. Do you want to learn how to create your own healthful blends of probiotic fruits & veggies?

Join us for this unique experience with our hands-on Fermenting Workshop.

 Steve Sanna of FARMACIA health bar will cover:

  • All about the many benefits of food source probiotics
  • How to select, combine and ferment fresh fruits and vegetables to create delicious, gut-healthy, probiotic & enzyme-rich combinations

Tickets are $45, including your own jar of probiotics, hands-on experience, advice, samples, recipe ideas, prizes & demos. Call us at (647)341-3276 or email to reserve your ticket(s).

Super Smoothie Workshop

Super Smoothie Workshop

wed jun 27, wed aug 8, ~ $45

Smoothies are a wonderful tool for any health-conscious foodie, and an integral part of living a healthier, longer life. They can be customized in any number of ways to address your health needs & goals, as well as personal taste. Are you getting the most out of your smoothie? 
Join us from 7:30 pm to 9 pm for a Smoothie Making Workshop with Steve Sanna from FARMACIA and learn:
> How to create a balanced, great-tasting and power-packed blend
> About the Three Sacred Food Groups and how to incorporate them into your life
> How to maximize your mineral intake
> How to use smoothies to stabilize your metabolism
>All about personalizing, choosing ingredients and superfoods to create a smoothie that works best for you!
Tickets are $45, including info, samples, recipes & demos to help you get the most out of your daily drink. Call us at (647)341-3276 or email to reserve your ticket(s). You'll be a blender pro in no time!